Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Research into my own genre of my title sequence:

For my title sequence, me and my group have decided to focus around the idea and sub-genre of 'Dystopia'. For our title sequence, we want to focus on the idea of anarchy, chaos, the idea of the government and specific cults and - most importantly - the idea of a dystopian future.

  I have decided to have a research and a look in to the dystopian sub-genre and have a couple of notable points to include and discuss. For example, dystopian genres of movies usually consists of the idea of a futuristic world that has gone wrong. Essentially, a dystopian society is the direct opposite to a utopian society. This essentially means that this particular genre focuses on the theme of disaster and chaos, with a theme of darkness throughout. Interestingly, this title sequence gives the audience a bit of a backstory as to the events that have happened to this world. This saves the movie time of having to do an origin story.

A title sequence I feel fits within the theme of my genre is the opening title sequence for the dystopian themed movie 'Children of Men'. This title sequence provides an essential backstory for the audience through news reports and newspaper articles. We see a futuristic set world that has an issue with infertility levels rising. We get to see the P.O.V. of different social classes within the dystopian world, from rich to poor.

Another example of a dystopian themed movie is the 1999 'The Matrix'. The focus of this movie is that in the near future. humans have been taken over by the war of machines and, the machines now stores humans as a source of power. However, to ensure that the humans remain in a stationary state of mind, the machines have created another world in which the humans' mind can go to, a virtual reality world called 'The Matrix'. I feel as though this is a good example of a dystopian themed movie as this movie plays around with the theme of a futuristic endangered world. In terms of the title sequence, the production company 'Warner Bros.'is first established. Then, we are introduced to the CGI green codes of The Matrix with a dramatic themed soundtrack. Not much is given away from this title sequence however, it then goes on to the opening sequence of the movie. So, this means that the audience are straight away jumped into the matrix world and, the plot of the movie.

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