Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Continuity Sequence

This is my continuity sequence for my coursework for media. We had to demonstrate:
  • Match-on Action
  • 180 degrees
  • Shot reverse shot to demonstrate a conversation

The plot of our continuity sequence is that Robert is being followed by Jacob in a clown mask, which is what appears to be some sort of ghost figure. When Robert finally approaches Jacob, all Jacob was after was a pen and that he was working in the drama department. The sequence starts off as horror and scary/eerie. However, towards the end of the sequence, it becomes quite clear that it is comedic and was all a joke.

What went well whilst recording was that we managed to get everything done, finished and recorded in one day. This help with the fact that it was continuous and was beneficial because everybody was still wearing the same clothes. Furthermore, we had access to props and costumes which helped with creating the horror theme. However, a problem we faced was that we had to change the classrooms we shot our scenes in with because the lighting wasn't appropriate for what we had in mind. Also, another problem we faced was that the tripod we wanted to use to record our sequence was broken and we only noticed once leaving, so this wasted time as we had to return and change the tripod.

To edit our sequence, we had to use the editing software of Final Cut Pro on the iMac computers. What went well whilst using this software was that it was quite simplistic to use and easy to include other pieces of media such as soundtracks, transitions and animations + effects to my sequence to add in the horror elements. However, a difficulty I found whilst using final cut pro was that it was hard to export my sequence on to the shared area. Also, it was hard to edit and crop the different shots together due to getting it at the exact precise point.

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