Friday, 29 January 2016

Genesis: The Uprising, title sequence planning and evaluation

For our title sequence, we have decided to go for the theme of a Dystopian-action themed genre. The reasoning behind this is due to our budget (which is set at $156million). With this given budget, this allows our group to go for the route of a more action themed movie.

The narrative for our groups title sequence consists of the idea of a government owned society (set in a dystopian future) that is looking to be overthrown by different and smaller cults/communities. These cults consists of:
  • The Illuminati
  • Scavengers
  • Rebels
  • The Government
  • The Evangelists
Our title sequence involves shots of a high tech map, created by the government. This map shows where in the dystopian city these different cults and communities actually live in. The map is shown within a conference room which consists of all of the other government members, almost as if a meeting as to how the government can take out the cults. As the narration goes on, we will be shown the different cults through 10-15 second clips. The casts, production companies and, the title of the movie will be displayed throughout the title sequence.

We will be shooting at locations such as the London's Shard as this will be the location in which the government's meeting will be held. Then, once inside to show 'Tom Hardy' walking towards the conference room, we will shoot these scenes within Welling School. This is also where the map and conference will be held.

The Illuminati scenes will be shot within Welling School inside a drama room. This will consist of the Illuminati members walking along a trail of candles laid on the floor, walking toward the 'Devil's trap' on the floor. The Illuminati members will also be chanting at the camera.

The scavengers group will be shown in a location that appears very desolate and empty (like an abandoned building/factory) with a bin being lit on fire and, the scavengers using the heat from the fire.

The evangelists will be shot within an ancient/traditional church, showing a priest, people praying and, close up shots on the stained glass windows and, religious imagery within the church.

The rebels group will show the characters holding weaponry and, wearing scruffy clothing. The title sequence will essentially end with the title of the movie "Genesis: The Uprising".

Interestingly, when I looked at the other movies that are similar to mine - in terms of genre - their title sequences usually revolve around the style of the typography and, the style of the title sequence being either computer graphics based or, real life acting and gritty. For our title sequence, we have researched 2 other title sequences within the dystopian genre; The Matrix and Children of Men. The Matrix's title sequence is completely CGI based whereas the Children of Men's title sequence is real life acting based. So, for our title sequence, we are looking to essentially combine the two ideas of graphics based (the map) and real life acting. These techniques have both been shown to be useful and effective for them two movies so, we feel it is appropriate to incorporate these ideas in to our title sequence.

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