Thursday, 3 March 2016

Me, Danny and Jacob have begun working on editing our title sequence for Media studies. Me, Danny and Jacob have been staying to edit the shots we've recorded for our title sequence over the past week using Final Cut Pro on the Apple iMac.

We have done multiple draft versions of our title sequence, ensuring that we can edit and alter what we already have so that it fits our vision and direction for the genre. In terms of altering certain things for our vision/direction, we found we had to re-shoot a scene. For our Illuminati sequence, we originally discovered that the file hadn't saved and loaded properly onto Final Cut, meaning that we unfortunately lost the footage. But, on Thursday 3rd March, we decided to take the initiative and re-shoot our Illuminati sequence again, using the drama room. We played around with the lighting equipments provided by the drama room in order to get our desired effect. 

On top of this, we decided to shoot the scene (again on Thursday 3rd March) for the Evangelists and the Illuminati scene. We again used the drama department and played around with the different varieties of lighting equipments that were provided. We used symbolic religious imagery in terms of Mise-En-Scene as the setting was brightly lit, almsot as if this scene was spiritual and illuminating. We also used the Jesus' Cross symbol again for the imagery aspect. Ultimately, we still have to shoot one more scene which shows the government leader entering into the building and meeting his secretary who directs him to his meeting and then, we should have the majority of the title sequence finished (along with any more re-shoots that may need to be considered).

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