Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Feedback on first rough cut/copy of the title sequence

Here is our first rough draft/first rough copy of our title sequence for our movie 'Genesis: The Uprising'.

Today I screened the first rough copy/first rough edit of our title sequence. We had to display our fist draft of the title sequences in front of our class and both of our teachers, whilst they took notes and provided me with feedback on what had went well with the first draft, what needed improvements and what completely doesn't work. I have taken the feedback from our classmates and our teachers and I will be looking to improve upon the faults that were being picked up upon.

I have decided to make a powerpoint in order to display the different feedbacks that I received from my classmates and from my teachers. I have reviewed and evaluated the feedback I had received and I will ensure that I take on board what needs correcting and what actually needs improving. The most common feedback that I received was that the use of editing and the cinematography used was mostly what people liked and enjoyed. However, what people mainly thought needed improving was that the camera was a bit shaky at the beginning of the sequence and, that the narrative isn't too clear. I will take this on board and try my hardest to improve the sequence. 

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