Tuesday, 22 March 2016

For our screening of the second draft, improved version of our title sequence, we received again another set of feedback from our class mates and our teacher in terms of what has been improved since the previous screening. We received praise on things such as: the lead government man (kaseem) pointing angrily at the CCTV board and, the re-shoot of our Rebels scene. Upon editing, I actually found that our original Illuminati sequence that featured a focus pull with Jacob was still on my Apple Mac. So, I decided to add this version into our improved title sequence. Classmates felt as though the narrative was conveyed much clearer than previously and, that the re-shot version of our Rebels scene looked much more fitting compared to the original Rebel scene. However, some feedback that we had received was that people weren't too fond of our font choices and, felt as though the appearances of the text on screen was out of place. Also, some classmates felt as though our Rebels scene should be similar to The Scavengers scene in terms of also including a found footage, handheld camera filter. All feedback on this day has been taken into account and will be added and improved to our official final version of our title sequence. 

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